The Royal Order of St. Stephen is a religious and dynastic order of chivalry within the Anglo-Italian Imperial Patriarchate (Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church) under the hereditary protection of the Royal House of Etruria in the Holy Roman Empire. It is typically awarded for specific service to the House, as well as to recognize persons of noble lineage for exceptional and selfless service to the Church, their professions, their communities, non-profit service organizations, or humanity in general. The order particularly represents the titular territories within the Patriarchal patrimony of Würzburg/Franconia, Valais, Florence, and Tuscany.

The order is given in two divisions, Civil and ecclesiastical, and three ranks, Knight or Dame of Honour (limited to 100), Grand Cross (limited to 50), and Grand Collar (limited to 25). Also, the Oblates Regular of Saint Stephen for the Help of the Poor are the professed knights and dames of the order. The Patron Saint of the Order is Saint Stephen, Deacon and Protomartyr. The feast day known as the Invention of Saint Stephen, on which the Saint's body was found, occurs on the third of August, the day on which the Grand Duchy of Tuscany was formally ended in favour of the Kingdom of Etruria. The insignia consists of a red cross for the blessed martyr Stephen. In between the four points of the cross are gold eagles, taken from the Santa Croce Badge found in the Etrurian and Patriarchal flag, coat of arms, and other symbols. The ribbon of a Knight or Dame of Honour is solid red. The ribbon of Knights and Dames of the Grand Cross is red and white, taken from the colours of the patrimony of the Imperial Patriarchate in Valais, Würzburg/Franconia, Florence, and Tuscany.


















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