House of Steinhurst-d'Antoninich-v.u.z. Westfalen

Titular Patrimony
Duke, Prince, and de jure King of Westphalia in the Holy Roman Empire
Sovereign Prince of Fulda
Marquis of Kassel, Auvergne, and Marmande
Princely Count von der Steinhorst
Count of Pisa, Diez, Katzenelnbogen, Nidda, and Steinhurst
Baron von dem Cherso, Dromcummer, von der Steinhörst, and Steinhurst
Lord of Wewelsburg
Lord of the Manors of Berrington in Hereford and Grunston in York
Hereditary Imperial Knight
Noble and Patrician of Rome and of Avignon
Imperial Arch-Chancellor of Gaul
Hereditary Imperial Marshal and Bailiff of Estonia
Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire

H.M.E.R.H. Mgr. the Archprince Keith, Marquis of Marmande
Duke of Westphalia, Prince Archbishop and Elector of Trier

H.R.H. Mme. the Archprincess Alicia Gabriela, Marquise of Marmande
Duchess of Westphalia, Countess Tomasella, and Electress of Trier

H.R.H. Mme. the Princess Grace Diana of Westphalia

H.R.H. Mme. the Princess Clara Abigayle of Westphalia

H.R.H. Mme. the Princess Giovanna Seraphine of Westphalia

H.Ill.H. Count Dom Nelson Keith Steinhurst von der Steinhörst
Baron von dem Cherso, Baron of the Lateran See

H.Ill.H. Countess Dame Diana Elaine Antoninich-Steinhurst von der Steinhörst
Baroness von dem Cherso

H.Ill.H. Countess Dame Joanna Nicole Steinhurst von der Steinhörst
Baroness von dem Cherso





















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